Spudos Sustainability

We love crisps, but we love our planet more.

We've taken every step we could to make Spudos as sustainable as possible.  From how our crisps and Spud Dust are produced, to how they're packaged, distributed and shipped. Read on for more information.

UK sustainably grown and produced.

Our crisps are grown and produced in the UK on a sustainable farm that runs on solar power, converts the used sunflower and rapeseed oil into biodiesel for the tractors, and uses recycled digestate fertiliser.

Spudos Crisps Farm

The crisps get delivered to Spudos HQ in London in large airtight reusable tubs which we supply to the farm, then we distribute out to the zero waste shops, offices and pubs, and supplying our lovely online customers.

Closed loop delivery.

We have closed loop delivery to our retailers in London.  We drop off the crisps in our large 2Kg tubs, and when we do the next delivery we pick up the empties, bring them back to Spudos HQ, wash and sterilise them ready for our next crisp delivery.  For our London shops, office and pubs we deliver by electric vans (Planet Minimal), and outside London we use carbon neutral delivery companies where possible and send the crisps in home compostable bags.

planet minimal electric van

We avoid single use plastics.

We avoid single use plastics, and only use home compostable plastics when totally necessary, and that includes the labels on our Spud Dust jars and Spudos tubs - they're all water proof, oil proof, while being home compostable.  Even our shipping labels are home compostable. On top that we'll give you a quid for each Spud Dust Shaker you send back so we can use them again.

There's always room to improve, and we're striving to do just that on a daily basis. 

Thank you for being a part of the Spudos journey and supporting us!