First piece of important info:
Spudos are ******* delicious!

Feel free to drop in your preferred expletive above once you've tasted Spudos for the first time 🤯 🤤 🥔 ❤️. Our crisps are heavier than a Walkers, lighter than a Kettle Chip, and completely unseasoned and most importantly, unpackaged.

The crisp are grown and produced in the UK on a sustainable farm that runs on solar energy, and runs the tractors on biodiesel made from the sunflower or rapeseed oil used for cooking the crisps.  The potatoes are seasonal so the variety we use for the crisps changes every few months. You can read all about our sustainability here.

Season the crisps with our 5 amazing Spud Dust flavours; Nooch & Onion, David Bacon, Prawn Cocktail, Salt & Vinegar, and Chip Shop Curry, then shake shake shake.  All our Spud Dusts are gluten free, GMO free, vegan certified by Vegan Friendly UK and made in the UK. 

Spudos Starter Kit

starter kit spudos wholesale

Every shop that signs up with us starts off with our starter kit which includes:

  • 2Kg Tub of Spudos Crisps
  • Our custom UK made crisps dispenser
  • 100 greaseproof home compostable shake bags
  • All 5 flavours of Spud Dust in large shakers
  • Some "This is how we do it" display cards for customers

For shops outside London we also provide a spare empty tub which we explain below.

London closed loop delivery

We’ve partnered up with the amazing team at Planet Minimal to deliver our delicious crisps right to your door along with all your other Planet Minimal goodies reducing all our footprints even more! ♻ 

Feel free to order directly through PLANET MINIMAL or our portal - we’ll make sure you get your order either way. 

Here are our delivery days based on your location: 
🗓 Monday & Thursday
📍West & South West
🗓 Tuesday
📍North, East, North West & WC
🗓 Wednesday
📍 South East & East 

Give your empties back and we will clean and sanitise them for your next deliveries. 
All deliveries are made by electric vans 🚐⚡️

Outside London

If your shop is outside London we'll ship your order next day. When you order your starter kit you'll get a spare empty tub.  We'll be sending you the crisp refills in beautiful home compostable plastic bags we had specially made from Natureflex, which you can then decant into your spare tub.

Spudos Natureflex Bags of Crisps

Same goes for our Spud Dust.  When things start to look a little tired from use, just send them back to us and we'll clean them up and add new labels ready for reuse.

Ready to join the Spudos Family?

Why not go ahead and open an account with us. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ, and if you can't find the answers there, drop us an email at