You've got questions, we've got answers.


What are your payment terms?
Everyone gets 30 day payment terms.

How do I get started?
To order from us, you just need to create an account. Nothing special, name, company, email and password. After applying, we will get in contact with you when your account is ready. Once your account is open, you can order the Spudos starter kit and the rest is crispstory!

What's in the starter kit?
Our starter kit contains 2kg of crisps, our custom UK made crisps dispenser, 100 shake bags and all 5 large spud dust shakers.  For shops outside London we will also send you a spare empty tub so you're ready when you order refills.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
There's no minimum order quantity, though our crisps are supplied 2Kg at a time.

Do you do samples?
We sure do! After creating an account, we will get in contact and will happily send you samples of both our crisps and all our Spud Dusts in our cute little home compostable sachets. You can also go and try them in our current stockists’ shops.

Do you promote your stockists?
Yes, we love zero waste shops and all stockists are listed on Spudos.com!


How does Spudos deliver?
For our London stockists, offices and pubs we deliver by electric van, and outside London we use 
carbon neutral delivery companies where possible.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping is free for all mainland UK orders over £25 and a flat rate of £5 for orders under £25.

How do you ship outside London?
We try to use carbon neutral delivery companies if available in your area. After you have received your starter kit, crisp and spud dust refills will be shipped in home compostable bags by Natureflex. All our shipping boxes are recycled. We avoid single use plastic. Our spud dust shaker labels, tub stickers, refill bags and shipping labels are home compostable.

There's always room to improve, and we're striving to do just that on a daily basis, so please contact us if you have suggestions at hello@spudos.com

How long will it take to get my order?
Outside London we ship your order next day if ordered before 2pm, inside London we deliver by zones:

🗓 Monday & Thursday
📍West & South West
🗓 Tuesday
📍North, East, North West & WC
🗓 Wednesday
📍 South East & East 


How do you package the crisps and Spud Dust? 
For our London stockists, we drop off your order in our large 2Kg tubs, and when we do the next delivery we pick up the empties, bring them back to Spudos HQ, wash and sterilise them ready for our next crisp delivery.

Outside London stockists, you’ll get your first order with a large 2Kg tub to keep your crisps fresh, plus a spare tub for future refills. For your refills you'll receive your crisps or Spud Dust in a home compostable Natureflex bags.

Are your bags and stickers compostable?
Yes! Our greaseproof shake bags and refill bags are home compostable, as are the labels on our Spud Dust shakers and crisp tubs - our labels are all waterproof and oil proof for a longer shelf life.

How do I return my tubs and shakers?
Inside London we'll pick them up, outside London just send them to Spudos, Unit 46 Containerville, London, E2 9FP.


Are Spudos vegan?
Yes! Our crisps and Spud Dusts are certified as suitable for the vegan lifestyle. Spudos is a proud member of the Vegan Friendly UK family. Vegan-Friendly is an international non-profit organisation established in 2012 with the aim of ending animal suffering and global warming by increasing the consumption of plant-based food. Learn about them and other certified businesses here: https://vegan-friendly.co.uk/

How much Spud Dust will I use?
The Spud Dust goes a long way.  On average we're seeing shops buy 1 or 2 of their most popular flavours every 8 tubs of crisps, which is about 2 months worth.

Where do the crisps come from?
Our crisps are grown and produced in the UK on a sustainable farm that runs on solar power, converts the used sunflower/rapeseed oil into biodiesel for the tractors, and uses recycled digestate fertiliser.

Where can I find the list of ingredients and nutrition information?
You can find the list of ingredients and nutrition information in the product descriptions if you click on a product from the ordering form.  They're also printed on the Spud Dust shakers.

How long do the crisps last in the tub and the dispenser?
In the sealed tub, Spudos will last for up to 16 weeks, but don’t worry, they won’t be on your shelves that long, most shops sell 3 tubs per month and we cook up every 4 weeks, so they’re never sitting around for 16 weeks. While in the dispenser for self-service in your shop, the crisps will stay fresh a whole week.